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All of our meat is slow smoked in-house, for full flavor BBQ taste. Due to this process, some menu items may not be available.

Our Menu

     Due to the continuing increases in food and operating costs, we have to raise our prices to keep this business running. The new menu pricing will take effect as May 12th 2021.

     We are grateful for your support and appreciate your understanding!

Smoky’s Signature Wings

Served smokin' fried

Sauce Choices: Memphis Sweet, Mostly Mustard, Little Heat, Root N’ Que, Chipotle Mango, Buffalo, Perfectly Hot, Simply Sweet (Gluten Free)

1/2 Dozen


18 Wings




Hickory Smoked Sandwiches

Add Cheese (American, Swiss, Pepperjack, Beer Cheese) 95¢ | Gluten Free Bun Add $1.45 | Double Meat Add $5.95 | Maxwell Style Add 95¢ | Southern Style Add 95¢

Some meats may contain bone

Classic Pulled Pork


Sliced Brisket


Pulled Chicken


Slow Smoked Turkey


Burnt Ends


When available

Chicken Tender Sandwich


Polish Sausage


Mild or Spicy

Cheese Burger


Premium Sandwiches

The Longhorn


Sliced Brisket and Pork on Texas Toast

Big Boy


Brisket, Turkey, Pork, Sausage (1/2 lb total), Top with Beer Cheese on Brioche Bun)

Smoked Turkey Reuben


Marble rye bread with smoked turkey, swiss cheese, and creamy cole slaw topped with our Southwestern ranch

Turkey Club


Top with Swiss Cheese, Honey Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle on Texas Toast

Wraps & Salads

Choose a meat: Brisket (add 95¢), Pulled Pork,
Pulled Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Turkey,

Sub Organic Spring Mix Add $1.95

Side Salad


BBQ Salad


Includes lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, cucumber choice of meat, and dressing (Ranch, French, Balsamic Vinegar, Honey Mustard)

BBQ Wrap


Includes lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, choice of meat, and choice of cheese (American, Swiss, Pepperjack)


Texas toast, meat of your choice, fries, and beer cheese. It doesn’t get any better!

Pulled Pork




Burnt Ends




Buffalo Chicken


For The Youngins'

12 and under

All meals come with one side and a drink.

Grilled Cheese


Kid’s Ribs


BBQ Kid’s Choice


3 Chicken Fingers


Smoky’s Starters - Appetizers

Add jalapeño to anything for 0.95

Onion Rings

Half Order 4.5| Full Order 8.50

Sweet Tater Waffle Fries

Half Order 4.50 | Full Order 8.50

Texas Tooth Picks

Steak fries topped with our beer cheese, pulled pork, and bacon

Half Order 9.95| Full Order 14.95

Fried Pickles

Half Order 4.5| Full Order8.50

Kansas Caviar


Flame roasted corn, black beans, tomatos and onions. Served with Tortilla chips



Tortilla chips, BBQ meat (pork or chicken), pit beans beer cheese, Jalapeno, diced tomato, and lettuce

BBQ Sampler


1/4 LB pulled pork, 4 smokin’ fried wings and 1/4 slab ribs

Monster App Sampler


Our pulled pork nachos, sliced beef brisket, 4 smokin’ fried wings, and 1/3 slab ribs

BBQ Dinner Plates

Includes one piece of bread and two sides

Add 1/4 Ribs to any dinner only $7.95

USDA Prime Brisket Dinner


Half Slab Baby Back Ribs


Pulled Pork Dinner


Pulled Chicken Dinner


Chicken Tender Dinner


USDA Prime Burnt Ends Dinner


When available

Full Slab Baby Back Ribs


Turkey Dinner


Polish Sausage Dinner


Served with green peppers and onions.

Available spicy or regular

Smoke House Combos

Includes one piece of bread and two sides

Choose from below
Sliced or Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork, Turkey, Sausage, 1/4 Ribs ($1.95), , Burnt Ends ($1.95), 4 Wings

Choice of any Two


Choice of any Three


Smoky’s Sides

Choose from below

V&O Slaw | Creamy Slaw | Potato Salad | Apple Sauce | Cottage Cheese | Steak Fries | Mac N Cheese | Pit Beans | Fried Okra | Fresh Steamed Broccoli | Corn on the Cob| Sauteed Green Beans | Cornbread

Single Side


Family Side


Large Side


Smoky’s Plate

Includes two large side orders and two pieces of bread.

No substitutions.

Add jalapeño to anything for 0.95

Smoky's Plate


Pulled Pork, Sausage, Ribs, Brisket Turkey, and 4 Wings. 

Includes 2 Large Sides and 2 pieces of bread. 

Sweet Stuff

Free Birthday dessert with proof of Birthday.

Ask your server about our seasonal dessert!

Pie Peanut Butter Mini Bistro


Pie Cream Turtle Bistro


Cake Tiramisu Bistro


Sippin’ Drinks



Cherry Pepsi


Mist Twist


Mug Root Beer






Diet Pepsi


Dr. Pepper


Mountain Dew




Sweet Tea,




Delivery, Take-Out, and Catering Available!

If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement, please inform a member of our staff before placing your order. Thank You.

Some meats may contain bone | All of our meat is Gluten Free